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Negotiation Prep is an intense one-week program designed to prepare the negotiating committee for collective bargaining with its employer. Topics covered include:

  • -roles and responsibilities of the committee
  • -identifying critical tasks in preparing for negotiations
  • -using bargaining surveys
  • -locating and interpreting information concerning the employer’s financial situation
  • -bargaining power vis-à-vis the company
  • -identifying potential leverage points (company vulnerabilities)
  • -costing the contract using data from the employer
  • -drafting or amending contract language and
  • -reviewing the standards of interpretation used by arbitrators in language cases

Negotiation Prep programs can be held at the Winpisinger Center, in the field (at a location convenient to the Local or District), or online. If your Local or District Lodge would like to schedule a Negotiation Prep program, please contact Director Mary McHugh at 301.373.3300 or [email protected].

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