Negotiation Prep
Negotiation Prep is an intense one-week program designed to prepare the negotiating committee for collective bargaining with its employer. Topics covered include roles and responsibilities of the committee; identifying critical tasks in preparing for negotiations; using bargaining surveys; locating and interpreting information concerning the employer’s financial situation; bargaining power vis-à-vis the company; identifying potential leverage points (company vulnerabilities); costing the contract using data from the employer; drafting or amending contract language, and reviewing the standards of interpretation used by arbitrators in language cases.
Field Programs
If members of your Local or District Lodge are in need of training but cannot travel to the Winpisinger Center, we can bring the program to you. We offer steward training, negotiation prep, local lodge administration, and officer training (including roles and responsibilities of officers and constitutional requirements and guidelines). We can also customize a program to the needs of your Lodge.

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